Education Technology

Valor’s Educational Technologies serve students by equipping them with knowledge and tools to create and collaborate in the modern world. Our faculty incorporates technology into classroom instruction to help students build their skills in critical thinking, media design, and digital citizenship. We believe that digital literacy is essential for preparing students for success in college and the workplace.

Our robust, campus-wide wireless network and inventive use of the Schoology Learning Management System allow students, teachers, counselors, coaches and parents to learn together, exchange information in real time, and communicate in a wide range of digital media. Our computer labs provide modern workstations and specialized software for classes in World Languages, Arts and Science.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Much of Valor’s educational content is stored online in a digital format. Valor students need to access that content many times throughout their school day. Valor supports a BYOD approach for accessing that content. Our BYOD program is a catalyst to the digital literacy and self-navigation required by our students’ rapidly-changing, complex, global future.

Valor has a low threshold for the BYOD program. Any computer that has a keyboard and the capacity to run a Chrome browser will suffice. Students who have a special interest in digital media could consider purchasing a more powerful computer. It is highly encouraged that students bring their device everyday in order to be successful in the classroom.  

Valor’s IT support team helps students connect to wireless network connection and access the Schoology system. BYOD hardware maintenance and repairs are a student responsibility.