9th Grade Transition

9th Grade Academic Preparation

Valor has put together services and classes for incoming 9th-grade students that help us learn more about each student while building foundational academic skills. As a strategic vision, we seek to have all students at grade level by the start of their junior year. In order to achieve this goal, we want to partner with incoming students and parents during the 8th grade year. Please click on the link below to be directed to available support services and summer school offerings.

The 9th Grade year is a crucial, transitional year for students. Each incoming 9th Grade class represents students from more than 70 area middle schools, which means students often come in at varying readiness levels.  It is Valor’s goal to be intentional with teaching the foundational skills necessary for being a successful Valor student during their 9th Grade year.

Our goal in the 9th grade year is to build a foundation, culture, and vision.

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9th Grade Seminar

In order to ensure all students are set up for success, incoming 9th grade students take the 9th Grade Seminar class. This class is designed to help students develop skills that are essential for academic and personal success at Valor. Students have the opportunity to apply these techniques to the tasks they face as high school students. The emphasis is on learning and academic growth. Two class periods a week are dedicated to helping students produce high quality, excellent work in their core classes. The other two classes a week are dedicated to building identity, culture, and vision. At the end of the year students present a “My Anthem” speech that relates to what they have learned about themselves, how it applies to learning, and how it might apply to their future. Topics include: Strengths/Weaknesses, Importance of the brain, personality, temperament, communication, grit, and personal gifts/talents/interests that might shed light on their direction and purpose in life. Additionally, students learn that their story and life is not isolated but fits into a larger story.

9th Grade Seminar Teachers

The 9th Grade Seminar teachers are highly qualified, all-star teachers who are fully versed in all 9th grade-level core subjects, including Math, English, Biology, History and Bible. In addition to helping students in each of these subjects, these teachers serve as advocates for 9th graders. They guide 9th-grade students through their first year and serve as a sounding board for any questions and concerns students may come across during their transition to high school.

9th Grade Curriculum

The 9th grade teachers in the core disciplines meet regularly to stay aware of each other’s curricular goals and student outcomes. Our philosophy is to support and push students so that they feel safe to take challenges and risks academically. By the time they start the sophomore year, we desire that students are well prepared in their thinking, reading, writing, research and presentation skills. Ultimately, we believe that they will be more effective in their passions and areas of interest if they have their foundational skills in place.