Signature Programs

The Valor Conservatory for the Arts

The Valor Conservatory for the Arts includes both visual and performing arts. It offers intensive study in the disciplines of art for those students who desire to pursue collegiate art degrees and careers in art.

Within each area, Valor offers multiple classes with a variety of concentrations. The Conservatory program desires to prepare and give students an advantage in their college education and career choices.

Valor Conservatory for the Arts

Institute for Applied STEM

The Valor Institute for Applied STEM is an endorsement program that prepares high school students to make a global impact in the fields of science, math, engineering, medicine and technology.

It takes motivated students beyond classroom study into praxis and application, requiring students to use their growing academic knowledge to create real-world products, processes and best practices that address local, national and global problems.

Institute for Applied STEM students

Rhetoric Endorsement

The Valor Rhetoric endorsement offers students an intellectually rigorous course of study and praxis that weaves together traditional Humanities subject areas, including English, History, Theology, and Classical Languages, into an integrated, multi-year program.

Students develop 21st century skills applicable to a variety of post-secondary pursuits, including the ability to think critically, communicate persuasively, and synthesize and apply knowledge from disparate academic and professional fields.

Valor Rhetoric Program

Intercultural Service

Valor Discovery exists to facilitate opportunities for transformation through service — whether close to home or throughout the world. Our desire is that students would develop and strengthen their faith as they engage with various belief systems and cultural practices.

Our objective is to facilitate thoughtful intercultural experiences with the potential to significantly advance students’ spiritual, emotional, character and relational development, while serving the needs of the poor and marginalized around the globe.

Discovery Intercultural Service


Practicum Week every year in March has become a much-anticipated opportunity for fun and in-depth study. Faculty and staff lead students in meaningful experiences both for academic advancement and the pursuit of hobbies and passions. Courses range from AP intensive study sessions for final exams to backpacking through a national park.

In recent years, our students have enjoyed learning about costume design, Latin dance, golf, rock climbing, interior design, service projects, SCUBA certification, professions in healthcare, and the study of law.

Practicum Week

Student Leadership Board

The Valor Student Leadership Board goes beyond typical student council models to provide students with meaningful opportunities for leadership mentoring and experience.

The program pairs student leaders with faculty and staff in their area of expertise — from admissions and enrollment marketing to business operations, curriculum development, sports marketing and more. All participants are encouraged throughout the program to develop in five core areas: character, courage, influence, discipline and service.

Valor Sports Network

The Valor Sports Network gives students the opportunity to experience live broadcasting. Working with professional-grade equipment like the NewTek Tricaster production system, students run broadcasts of Varsity events that reach hundreds of viewers each night across the globe.

The skills learned in the Valor Sports Network prepare students for the next level of multimedia journalism and give them the advantage of practical, real-world experience as they move forward in the industry.

Valor Sports Network