Prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ.


In partnership with committed parents, our mission is to provide a purpose-driven college preparatory program, within a vibrant Christ-centered environment that empowers students to discover their passions and to develop their unique gifts and abilities while growing in wisdom, knowledge, leadership, faith and service.


Influence Through Excellence
Valor Christian High School Students Connecting

Expected Student Outcomes

Spiritual Formation

  • Valor students have regularly experienced God’s love and know that God has a plan and purpose for their life.

  • Valor students know, love and serve God and make Him known to others.

  • Valor students have grown in character and spiritual discernment; and in making wise choices (body, mind, spirit, friends).

  • Valor students have experienced the blessings of being involved in a local Christian community, beyond the Christian community found at Valor.

  • Valor students regularly read the Bible and reflect on God’s word as a valuable guidepost for life.

College Preparedness

  • Valor students excel in verbal, written and technological skills for effective communication.

  • Valor students think critically, research, analyze, investigate effectively, draw conclusions, and make wise choices.

  • Valor students achieve and display competencies that will enable them to pursue the college and career goals to which they aspire.

Cultural Engagement

  • Valor students humbly love and lead others through faith, compassion, and service.

  • Valor students possess the relational intelligence and relational maturity needed to work cooperatively and effectively with others, including those of other cultures.

  • Valor students understand, engage, challenge or support the current social, economic, and cultural ideologies of the day.

  • Valor students are pursuing their unique passions, seeking to influence the culture for Christ through excellence in all their endeavors.
Valor Christ Centered Academics


Decidedly Christian

We seek to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do and all that we are, to the glory of God. We seek first and foremost to please God, bring praise to God’s name and fulfill the vision God has placed before us.

Excellence in All

From the classroom to the gym, from the stage to the athletic field, in the community and at home, we hold ourselves to a consistent and vigilant pursuit of excellence.

Preparing Leaders

We aspire to influence our surrounding culture with wisdom, compassion, service, and excellence of character and intellect for the good of all people.

Committed to Community

We passionately pursue community amongst our student body, with parents and the home, with local churches and ministry organizations, and as a staff team. We believe community is a ‘common’-‘unity’ – aligned in one purpose, under God, to pursue the vision and mission He has given us.

Dead Center

We are committed to “keeping the main thing, the main thing.” That means we commit today and in the future to the Christ-centered pursuit of excellence (arête) and to living in authentic community according to our stated values.

Valor Student Support

Core Values

Honor Jesus in Everything

Our highest ideal is to honor Jesus in all our decisions and actions. Jesus replied, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.” —Matthew 22:37-38 NIV

Put Students First

We are committed to help students succeed academically, artistically and athletically; to develop leadership skills; and to grow into a mature relationship with Jesus Christ. Being student-centric means we first and foremost consider our students in making decisions about programs and policies.

Attract, develop, and retain outstanding Christian faculty and staff

Faculty and staff are our most valuable assets. We encourage intelligent, industrious people who are called to this mission and believe in the Valor educational ideals to join and serve within our organization.

Provide Exceptional Programs and Resources

Our teachers, coaches and mentors have the equipment, supplies, curriculum, technology and resources necessary to do their jobs at the highest level. We use that which has been proven to meet our high standards, and when necessary, we will build and create from scratch.

Operate from a Solid Business Foundation

We manage our resources on a solid business foundation that seeks to balance revenue and expenses with godly stewardship. We invest with intelligence and conservatism. We seek value in every financial decision. We are careful not to waste, while still providing the best resources for the job at hand.

Partner with Parents

We believe parents are the primary educators and influencers of their children. Therefore, we seek to be transparent with parents, to listen and consider their input, to communicate with them and to be available to them.