In the fall of 2007, Valor Christian High School first opened its doors, bringing to life with bricks and mortar a vision years in the making. 

Valor High School Building Construction

The idea was to create a Christian high school unlike any other in Colorado, one that would someday become a model for Christian high schools around the United States:

  • Above all, it would be decidedly Christian, dedicated to impart the Christian mind and a Christian ethic through grace and truth rather than a legalistic emphasis on rule-keeping and punitive discipline.
  • It would insist on excellence in all things, rejecting the false assumption that academic rigor, artistic expression and athletic competitiveness could not co-exist with deep spiritual substance.
  • It would take seriously the biblical encouragement that “unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1 NIV), thus infusing every aspect of student and community life with prayer.

  • It would claim by faith the high ground of God’s provision, committing to bold financial and human resource, confident that God would provide according to His own purposes and glory.

  • After ten years, hours of prayer, and countless moments of elation and heartbreak, we finally broke ground in 2006 on 35 acres atop a breeze-swept hill in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

After careful planning, consultation, hours of prayer, and countless moments of elation and heartbreak, we broke ground in 2006 on 35 acres in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

Fifty-one weeks later, on September 7, 2007, 188 freshman and sophomore students and their families stood in front of Valor Christian High School to thank God for His provision and to formally dedicate themselves and the brand new campus to the school’s vision and mission. Then, students were off to class!

Building Valor Christian High School

Those first students had their run of the place. The Academic Building provided for a college preparatory learning environment with more than 50 classrooms, eight science labs, a stunning 5,300-square-foot research and teaching library, and quality administrative offices. Athletic facilities included two gymnasiums, an indoor climbing wall, a wrestling room, a fitness center, locker rooms, a stadium, a synthetic field and olympic track, softball and baseball fields, six tennis courts and a stadium complex for football, lacrosse and soccer.

In the years since, Valor has experienced vigorous growth as families across Colorado, the rest of the country, and even internationally have chosen Valor, doing whatever it takes to provide their high schoolers with the best Christian secondary education available.

In 2015, our newest building, The Valor Center for Culture & Influence, was completed. It is 82,000 square feet of specialized spaces supporting a variety of disciplines in visual and performing arts, broadcast news, and media and graphic design. It includes a 685-seat auditorium, television studio, recording studio, ceramics and sculpture studio, dance studios, and more.

Our vision doesn’t end there. We’ve set our sights on expanding our facilities once again, this time to support the Valor Institute for Applied STEM, an endorsement program that integrates science, math and technology curricula with hands-on student learning, mentorship, industry engagement and service projects. It is exciting to see a new vision of enabling students to create real-world products, processes and best practices that address local, national and global problems come to life before our very eyes.

And we are just getting started.

By faith in God’s continued calling and provision, we excitedly imagine the decades to come. We envision the halls of Valor Christian High School filled with students learning and growing together. And we see a faithful cohort of Valor graduates who, having become leaders in industry, science, education, service and ministry, are transforming the world with the wisdom, compassion, truth and grace that can be found only in Jesus Christ.


Being a young school hasn’t stopped us from establishing traditions that shape our academic year and ensure all students come away from their years here with memories they will cherish.