Gabe Anderson
Instructional Faculty - Math and Science
Appointed 2009. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Anderson was the Math Department Chair at Longmont Christian High School f [...]
Greg Blake
Instructional Faculty - Math and Science
Appointed 2011. Mr. Blake came to Valor after seven years of teaching high school Mathematics and Robotics. He is passionate abou [...]
Warren Kortz
Instructional Faculty – Science
Appointed 2015. Prior to coming to Valor, Dr. Kortz ran a community practice of General and Transplant surgery in the Denver area [...]
Becky Langer
Department Chair - Science
Appointed 2010. Since Ms. Langer’s appointment to Valor, she has taught Biology, Chemistry and AP Chemistry. Previously, Ms [...]
Missy Marchino
Instructional Faculty - Science
Appointed 2009. Prior to joining Valor, Mrs. Marchino taught high school in the Littleton Public School District for over 11 year [...]
April Ringnalda
Instructional Faculty - World Language (French)
Appointed 2008.
Rick Russon
STEM Coordinator
Appointed 2018. Mr. Russon began his professional career working in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (SAIL) at the Joh [...]
Gabriela Samour
Instructional Faculty - Science
Appointed 2018. Prior to her appointment at Valor, Mrs. Casey taught for two years in a public school district in South Carolina, [...]
Michael Sorensen
Instructional Faculty - Science
Appointed 2011. After spending more than 20 years working in business management, Mr. Sorensen left the corporate world to pursue [...]
Jemma Theobold
Instructional Faculty - Science
Appointed 2018. Prior to Valor, Mrs. Theobald worked in the biotech industry and taught SAT science classes in the Silicon Valley [...]
Debbie Vaughan
Instructional Faculty - Science
Appointed 2008. Mrs. Vaughan has taught a variety of sciences–including Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science since 2000 [...]
Kelly Wagenaar
Instructional Faculty – Science
Appointed 2014. Ms. Wagenaar studied Physics Education at the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. Prior to her [...]
DuWayne Worthington
Instructional Faculty - Science
Mr. Worthington is one of the founding teachers at Valor Christian High School and currently teaches Biology and Marine Science. [...]
David Ziegler
Instructional Faculty - Science
Appointed 2016. Mr. Ziegler started his teaching career in 1988. His career has taken him from Heritage Christian School in Fort [...]