Brennan Allen
Specialty Systems Engineer
Appointed 2015. Mr. Allen is an Alumnus of Valor. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Allen attended Colorado State Universit [...]
Joshua Anamier
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Film Instruction & Production
Appointed 2014. Mr. Anamier originally from North Carolina before making Colorado his home in late 2005. Prior to his appointment [...]
Trista Clagett
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Ceramics
Appointed 2012. Mrs. Clagett brings 9 years of teaching high school Ceramics, from beginning through advanced levels to Valor Art [...]
Nancy Columbia
Arts+Media Coordinator / Summer Arts Camps Director
Appointed 2013. Prior to her Valor appointment, Mrs. Columbia worked for 12 years in political communications for a U.S. Represen [...]
Jamie Geary
Instructional Faculty - Dance, Musical Theatre, Veritas / Competitive Dance Coach
Appointed 2013. P Jamie joined Valor in 2013 as a Dance instructor in the Arts program and a choreographer for the spring musical [...]
James Gonzales
Instructional Faculty – Arts+Media - Graphic & Web Design
Appointed 2015. Prior to his appointment to Valor, Mr. Gonzales worked as a graphic designer at the Denver Post starting in 1999 [...]
Justin Hitch
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media
Appointed 2017. While in college, he began to cut his teeth in local Nashville venues running sound and recording local bands. He [...]
Natalie Jackson
Arts+Media Assistant
Appointed 2017. Natalie Jackson graduated Cum Laude Society and Dean’s List from Westmont College. She has devoted much of [...]
Nathan Johnson
Instructional Faculty - Art+Media - Music
Appointed 2016. Prior to Valor, Mr. Johnson led creative programming and worship teams at two churches in Colorado and Illinois. [...]
Gayle Kakac
Instructional Faculty - Valor News, Media, and Entertainment
Appointed 2017. Mrs. Kakac has more than 20 years of experience teaching video production and broadcasting at a variety of school [...]
Marty Magehee
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Music and Recording Arts
Appointed 2011. Prior to joining Valor, Mr. Magehee spent over 30 years in the contemporary Christian music industry with CCM ban [...]
Sheri Magehee
Valor Conservatory Coordinator / Academic and College Counselor
Appointed in 2012. Before joining the Valor Arts team, Mrs. Magehee held a long career in sales, marketing and negotiation. In mu [...]
Kaley Monson
Visual Arts Conservatory Lead, Gallery Curator, Instructional Faculty
Appointed 2016. Ms. Monson grew up in Phoenix Arizona, attended Northern Arizona University where she fell in love with the diffe [...]
Kurt Muenstermann
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Theater
Appointed 2007. Prior to being a founding member of the Valor Arts Department, Mr. Muenstermann served as the the Director of The [...]
Kevin Ostrom
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media, Music/Technical Director
Appointed 2015. Prior to joining Valor, Mr. Ostrom worked at Cherry Hills Community Church in church production serving various t [...]
Rick Paswaters
Department Chair - Arts+Media - Performing Arts
Appointed 2010. Prior to joining the Valor Arts Department, Mr. Paswaters served for over 25 years as worship pastor at several l [...]
Marlana Perry
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Assistant Director of Theatre Productions and Youth Arts Coordinator
Appointed 2018. Mrs. Perry graduated from Valor in 2012 and returned as a Valor Fellow for the 2015-2016 school year. She also se [...]
Arie Ringnalda
Director of Arts & Media, Conservatory Director
Appointed 2007. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Ringnalda served as a founding teacher and Fine Arts Department Chair at O [...]
Jenny Timmons
Instructional Faculty – Art+Media Vocal Performance, Musical Theatre, and Piano
Appointed 2016. Prior to joining the staff at Valor, Mrs. Timmons maintained a private voice and piano studio in her home since 1 [...]
Hayes Trotter
Department Chair - Arts+Media - Visual Arts
Appointed 2008. Mr. Trotter has been teaching Visual Arts in the Denver area for more than 10 years. Along with teaching, Mr. Tro [...]
Kevin Von Qualen
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Photography
Appointed 2016. Mr. Von Qualen has been a professional photographer and successful business owner since 2004. He has poured into [...]