Instructional Faculty -Arts+Media - Music and Recording Arts
Appointed 2020. Prior to coming to Valor, Ms. Champion performed professionally for the past 10 years. She worked as a singer wi [...]
Trista Clagett
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Ceramics
Appointed 2012. Mrs. Clagett brings 9 years of teaching high school Ceramics, from beginning through advanced levels to Valor Art [...]
Recording Studio Engineer and Manager
Appointed 2020. Julian spent the last six years at Cherry Hills Community Church in their production department. He began as a vo [...]
Nancy Columbia
Arts+Media Coordinator / Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Appointed 2013. Prior to her Valor appointment, Mrs. Columbia worked for 12 years in political communications for Congressman Jac [...]
Jamie Geary
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Dance/Competitive Dance Coach
Appointed 2013. P Jamie joined Valor in 2013 as a Dance instructor in the Arts program and a choreographer for the spring musical [...]
James Gonzales
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Graphic Design
Appointed 2015. Prior to his appointment to Valor, Mr. Gonzales worked as a graphic designer at the Denver Post starting in 1999 [...]
Nathan Johnson
Instructional Faculty - Art+Media - Music
Appointed 2016. Prior to Valor, Mr. Johnson led creative programming and worship teams at two churches in Colorado and Illinois. [...]
Gayle Kakac
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Broadcast and Yearbook
Appointed 2017. Mrs. Kakac has more than 20 years of experience teaching video production and broadcasting at a variety of school [...]
Marty Magehee
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Music and Recording Arts
Appointed 2011. Prior to joining Valor, Mr. Magehee spent over 30 years in the contemporary Christian music industry with CCM ban [...]
Sheri Magehee
Academic and College Counselor - Conservatory
Appointed in 2012. Before joining the Valor Arts team, Mrs. Magehee held a long career in sales, marketing, and negotiation. In m [...]
Kaley Monson
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Visual Arts Conservatory Lead and Gallery Curator
Appointed 2016. Ms. Monson grew up in Phoenix Arizona, attended Northern Arizona University where she fell in love with the diffe [...]
Kurt Muenstermann
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Theater
Appointed 2007. Prior to being a founding member of the Valor Arts Department, Mr. Muenstermann served as the the Director of The [...]
Kevin Ostrom
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Music
Appointed 2015. Prior to joining Valor, Mr. Ostrom worked at Cherry Hills Community Church in church production serving various t [...]
Marlana Perry
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Theatre
Appointed 2018. Mrs. Perry graduated from Valor in 2012 and returned as a Valor Fellow for the 2015-2016 school year. She also se [...]
Arie Ringnalda
Director of Arts+Media - Marketing Lead
Appointed 2007. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Ringnalda served as a founding teacher and Fine Arts Department Chair at O [...]
Jenny Timmons
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Performance Arts - Department Chair
Appointed 2016. Prior to joining the staff at Valor, Mrs. Timmons was a professional performer and maintained a private voice and [...]
Hayes Trotter
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Visual Arts - Department Chair
Appointed 2008. Mr. Trotter has been teaching Visual Arts in the Denver area for more than 10 years. Along with teaching, Mr. Tro [...]
Kevin Von Qualen
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Photography
Appointed 2016. Mr. Von Qualen has been a professional photographer and successful business owner since 2004. He has poured into [...]