Terry Adams
Director of Discovery and Outreach
Appointed 2007. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Adams worked in corporate finance and administration in both the oil and g [...]
Erin Albright
Instructional Faculty - Math
Appointed 2018. Prior to Valor, Ms. Albright spent four years between college and graduate school teaching high school math in St [...]
Gina Alcala
Instructional Faculty - World Language (Spanish)
Appointed 2008. Prior to her appointment at Valor, Ms. Alcala taught Language Arts and English as a Second Language in the Denver [...]
Brennan Allen
Specialty Systems Engineer
Appointed 2015. Mr. Allen is an Alumnus of Valor. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Allen attended Colorado State Universit [...]
Joshua Anamier
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Film Instruction & Production
Appointed 2014. Mr. Anamier originally from North Carolina before making Colorado his home in late 2005. Prior to his appointment [...]
Gabe Anderson
Instructional Faculty - Math and Science
Appointed 2009. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Anderson was the Math Department Chair at Longmont Christian High School f [...]
Britta Apple
Instructional Faculty - English
Appointed 2009. Mrs. Apple enjoys teaching 9th and 10th grade English, CP and Honors since her Valor appointment in 2009. She sum [...]
Javier Arias
Instructional Faculty - World Languages (Spanish)
Appointed 2018. Prior to Valor, Dr. Arias taught bilingual Geography, History, Religion, Classical Culture and Latin classes in h [...]
Tracy Austin
Gift Records Administrator
Appointed 2007.
Laura Baas
Instructional Faculty - Library Department Chair
Appointed 2008. Prior to her appointment at Valor, Mrs. Otto worked as a Language Arts Educator at a Colorado Springs Charter Sch [...]
Briana Bailey
Instructional Faculty - Bible
Appointed 2018. Ms. Bailey was a Valor Fellow during the 2013-2014 school year, then became the Middle-School Program Director fo [...]
Sheila Beckie
Lead Academic and College Counselor
Appointed 2007. Ms. Beckie serves at Valor as an Academic and College Counselor.
Mary Bender
Front Desk Team
Appointed 2014. Mary worked in banking and at The Denver Post during her career in Human Resources/Employee Relations Management. [...]
Lauren Benner
Assistant Athletic Administrator / Girl's Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach
Appointed 2017. A native of Annapolis, MD, Benner played lacrosse collegiately at the University of Virginia (2006-2010) where sh [...]
Greg Blake
Instructional Faculty - Math and Science
Appointed 2011. Mr. Blake came to Valor after seven years of teaching high school Mathematics and Robotics. He is passionate abou [...]
Brian Bonn
Athletic Director
Appointed 2012. Prior to joining Valor, Mr. Bonn worked as the Vice President of Marketing at HitStreak Baseball Academy, a baseb [...]
Daniel Brooks
Instructional Faculty - World Language (Spanish)
Appointed 2009. Prior to his appointment at Valor, Mr. Brooks taught Spanish for seven years in Virginia and served as a missiona [...]
Bill Bufton
Assistant Athletic Director / College Recruiting Coordinator
Appointed 2013. Mr. Bufton has been serving in Christian schools since 1983. He has been an Athletic Director for seventeen years [...]
Justen Byler
Assistant Athletic Director - College Recruiting/ Head Golf Coach
Appointed 2007. Mr. Byler was appointed to the history department as a founding member of the Valor faculty. In addition to his c [...]
Jessika Caldwell
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Appointed 2014. Coach Caldwell is a former Division I basketball player, professional athlete, head college coach and most recent [...]
Kristen Carlson
Front Desk Team
Appointed 2018. Prior to Valor, Kristen worked in the business sector utilizing her degree in sociology and telecommunications pr [...]
John Champion
Instructional Faculty - Math Lab
Appointed 2015. Prior to coming to Valor, Mr. Champion spent 31 years teaching in the Cherry Creek school district. Over the year [...]
Trista Clagett
Instructional Faculty - Arts+Media - Ceramics
Appointed 2012. Mrs. Clagett brings 9 years of teaching high school Ceramics, from beginning through advanced levels to Valor Art [...]
Edie Clay
Front Desk Team - Academic Building
Appointed 2016. Mrs. Clay previously served as a preschool teacher and a director of an early child development center, before sh [...]
Toby Coffman
Instructional Faculty – English
Appointed 2014. Prior to his Valor appointment, Mr. Coffman taught collegiate level courses while pursuing his Master’s deg [...]
Joe Colon
Facilities Support Specialist
Appointed 2014. Mr. Colon has many years of work experience in construction, maintenance and custodial industries. He also served [...]
Nancy Columbia
Arts+Media Coordinator / Summer Arts Camps Director
Appointed 2013. Prior to her Valor appointment, Mrs. Columbia worked for 12 years in political communications for a U.S. Represen [...]
Kallyn Connor
Head Cheer Coach
Kallyn came to Valor in 2010 as the Cheerleading coach and to work in Student Life. Since 2010, she has worked in a variety of de [...]
Board Members
John and Sharna have been married for 40 years and are the proud parents of ten children — four biological and six adopted. Three [...]