A New Kind of Spring Break

For students across the country, spring break means sunshine and relaxation – a time to escape to fun and get away from work. For 300 Valor students and leaders, however, spring break means anything but. For them, March means service and selflessness, cultural immersion, discomfort and sacrifice. It means hard work, long days and restless nights. The experiences are atypical and the reward is great. For these 300, March will bring great love, heart transformation, new perspectives and changed lives.

This spring, Discovery will send teams across the world to love and serve in the mighty name of Jesus. More than 109,000 miles will be traveled to bring the love of God to the farthest reaches. Children, adults, families and communities will be met right where they are. Hearts will be moved, lessons learned, wells dug and houses built. For months these teams have prepared, but the impact that will be felt will last far longer.

For one Valor senior, the experience will be both her first with Discovery and her first out of the country. That kind of first brings anxiety, naturally, but the senior still looks ahead with eager anticipation.

“As the trip gets closer I’m getting a little nervous and anxious,” she shared recently, “but I know that I am supposed to be going. The trip really just drew me to it and I know that I’m going for a reason.

“I’m really looking forward to experiencing a different culture that I’m not familiar with. I think adjusting to that culture will be hard, but it will help me to be more versatile in my life and it will help me to be able to adapt to things. I’m also really excited to be able to bring joy to the kids we will be working with. I know that they are really young and most of them might not even remember our visit, but I hope that my team can show God’s love to them.

“I know we’re only going to be there for nine days, but I’m hoping God is able to be present with us and through us on the trip. I want us to always try to glorify God in everything that we do there and share God’s love and God’s word to the people and children we meet.”

Indeed, the experiences these 300 are headed for are not your typical spring break trips, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.