Host an International Student

We are seeking Valor families interested in hosting international students! When an international student lives with a host family, they are provided with a setting of support. They are given more than a house and a place to sleep; they are given a home where family and culture is shared. It gives the student a family with whom they share their experiences. Our expectation is that each international student will grow in a Christian environment and both parties will have a positive cross-cultural experience.

If you would like to host a student, or have other questions, email Mary Ann Harper.

Debbie has a teenage daughter named Sami and hosted Karen from Korea and Tuyen for Vietnam.

You would think it would be awful having three teenage girls ages 17-18 in a house at the same time, but these girls have truly become sisters this year. Mark became “Daddy Mark” and I am “Momma D” or more often, just “Momma.” We love our girls, and we have grown close as a family. “Love you” is often spoken and hugs are frequently given.  We have very much enjoyed the experience.

—Debbie V.

Leigh Ann N. has a Valor student named Haley and is hosting Min Jung from Korea.

What a great year our family has had with Min Jung.  She has fit into our family so smoothly. She is friendly, mature, a strong Christian and has an amazing work ethic.  She and my daughter, Haley, have forged a strong bond.  It’s been a terrific experience, and our family highly recommends the experience.  We signed up again for next year!

—Leigh Ann N.