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Behind the Production: Mary Poppins (Rehearsals)

We hope you enjoy the final of a five-series documentary by video student Jake Smith, chronicling the behind-the-scenes flurry leading up to the opening night of Mary Poppins.  Thank you Jake!

Meet The Conservatory Students

The Valor Conservatory is comprised of brilliant students in multiple disciplines of art. These individuals are talented and bright, but here are a few things you may not know about them!  We will be uploading new videos weekly. Enjoy!      

Albania Review 2016

Sharing the Gospel through the Arts In beautiful Albania, spring will blossom with a Valor Discovery art team sharing the Gospel message and Christ’s love through dance, choral arrangements, acting, theatre, and video production in campus and high school outreaches with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC).  This team will focus... Read More

Arts Practicum 2016

Mr. Trotter In Mr. Trotter’s Practicum, his yearbook students dutifully spent their break finishing up their spreads and covering things around campus. “Our whole goal is to serve the student body and try to capture as many things as we can so students can remember what happened years from now,”... Read More

Rose & Xia Xia Senior Shows

Rose Letsinger Interview:   The Project: What is your favorite piece in your show? Rose: Oh! It’s this one of my friend Emily and it’s called “Wild Thing,” named after the song by Noah and the Whale, and it’s in this little plant shop and all these flowers and everything... Read More

Kendra Knapp Wins DCPA Contest

Senior Show: Sean Rooney and Elise Kemp

  Sean Rooney Through these pictures I am trying to show God’s true beauty and how he creates an unbelievably vast masterpiece. The places in these pictures have made an impact on my life and have shown me what it means to see true beauty. My hope for you as... Read More