Unique to Valor is our Fitness competencies program. Rather than having the traditional high school physical education class (P.E.), we believe it is important to instill a “fitness for life” focus in our students that simply can’t be accomplished in a single semester course. The goal of this program, as in all Valor courses, is building on foundational elements that increase understanding, effectiveness, and performance over time.

Recognizing that students have a variety of interests and activities that could accomplish this purpose, the Fitness Competencies program provides for a variety of means for demonstrating Fitness Competencies. Among them are the following:

Participation in Valor Athletic Offerings: The Fitness Competencies program is met by three years of active participation in one or more of Valor’s interscholastic sports offerings. Students who expect to meet the competency requirement must participate in a single sport for 3 years or multiple sports equal to 3 seasons over 3 years. in addition to participating in the sport, all Valor athletes are expected to participate in Valor’s off-season athletic performance program.

Valor Fitness Program: The Valor Fitness program is designed for those students who do not participate in a Valor sport offering and who do not have an appropriate outside fitness activity. At a minimum, students are expected to engage in 960 minutes per semester for at least 6 semesters. For students who desire, Valor has a wonderful fitness center with cardio-vascular, free weights and selectorized weight equipment to help students demonstrate these competencies and to learn to make regular fitness a part of a healthy life. Students participating in the Valor Fitness program must keep a log of their activity which must be signed by a parent or guardian. Forms also need to be turned in for each of the semesters they participate in the fitness program. Click here for the fitness log.

Off-Campus Sport or Competitive Activity: In some well-defined cases, a student may be able to attribute certain off-campus physical activities as substitutionary demonstration of the Valor Fitness Competencies program. To be considered, the following minimum conditions must be met in order for the request to be considered.

The Activity must:

Consist of significant physical exertion and productive exercise;
Be one which could possibly lead to competition or demonstration;
Be done continuously and consistently for the length of a school semester;
Take place for a minimum of three hours per week;
Produce growth and advancement in skill;
Take place under the guidance of a certified and/or credentialed instructor;
Occur at a legitimate place of instruction.
Often-accepted types of activities might be: club sports not offered interscholastically at Valor; ice skating, dance, equestrian, and martial arts.

Students must complete the appropriate form seeking approval IN ADVANCE and must also file the appropriate completion form signed by the authorized instructor or coach of the activity at the completion of the semester in order for that competency to be demonstrated. A log must also be kept to document amount of time spent doing the activity. Both of these forms can be found on the myValor web page (found in the upper right-hand corner on Sign in and go to Forms and select Athletic Forms.

The Valor Fitness Department seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle that honors God and acknowledges that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. It is our goal ot help develop well-rounded individuals that possess the knowledge, skills and desire to maintain a lifetime of physical fitness with an emphasis on nutrition and healthy practices for body and soul.