Academic Support Overview

Valor prides itself on providing students with a college preparatory education in which students can be pushed to new heights academically. As a result, classes at Valor can be rigorous. We  recognize that we serve well-rounded students who want to excel both inside and outside the classroom. In order to help students meet this goal, Valor provides on-campus academic support ranging from peer tutoring and one-on-one coaching, to accommodations and summer school. This support is available for all students

Extended Library Hours:  The Valor Library is open and monitored by a Valor staff member until 6:00 pm Mondays-Thursdays and until 5:30 pm on Fridays for students to study, review for tests, or work on projects.  

Grade Monitoring:  All students’ GPAs are monitored weekly. Parents of students with a GPA below 2.4 during the weekly check will have an email sent to notify them of their student’s current academic standing. This email is sent on the fourth, eighth, and twelfth week of each semester in order to provide two weeks of intervention prior to the 6 week progress reports.